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Independent Volvo Servicing In Sheffield And Chesterfield

We offer a lst class Volvo dealer service in Sheffield and Volvo dealer service in Chesterfield covering all of South Yorkshire.

Browns Autocare are specialists for all Volvo service, Volvo maintenance and Volvo repairs for Sheffield and Chesterfield.

Comprehensive Volvo Repairs And Servicing:

We carry out Volvo servicing and Volvo repairs from the first service onwards at a fraction of the cost you would pay at the Volvo dealership at our Volvo garage in Chesterfield.

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Volvo Service

Well maintained Volvo cars are more reliable, last longer, do more miles per gallon and are more environmentally friendly. They also maintain their maximum value. Just a few reason why it pays to keep your Volvo serviced and maintained.

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Volvo Repairs

We can use either genuine or O.E equivalent replacement parts for your Volvo service or Volvo repair and are happy to advise you of both genuine Volvo original equipment specification parts and non genuine prices. Call us on: 01246-455863 for more details or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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Volvo Modules

Since 1998 Volvo uses control modules. If for example your electronic throttle module needs to be replaced, the car's ECM [Electronic Control Module] will not recognise the new part until the appropriate software is downloaded into the engine, via the internet from Volvo's' database so it is vital any Volvo repairs are carried out by a Volvo specialist.

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Volvo Service & Volvo Repair Tips

  1. Always make sure your Volvo is serviced and repaired by a reputable Volvo specialist.
  2. Not having your Volvo serviced at regular recommended service intervals usually results in higher repair bills as well as less miles per gallon and more harmful emissions that harm our environment. Your Volvo will not perform as Volvo designed it to and most potential issues that would normally be spotted early are not so there is much more chance of catastrophic malfunctions.
  3. Make sure your cam belt is replaced at the recommended mileage or age. If your cam belt snaps your repair bill could potentially be in the thousands.
  4. If you get any dashboard warning lights don't ignore them or put them off getting checked out. Generally speaking the faster you act the cheaper your repair bill..

Volvo Servicing

We carry out Volvo dealer standard Volvo servicing and Volvo services at a fraction of the Volvo dealers prices for Sheffield and Chesterfield areas of South Yorkshire. Free car collection & delivery available with all car servicing.

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Volvo Repair

A full comprehensive range of mechanical and electronic diagnostic services to diagnose and repair any fault your Volvo may develop. Catering for all Volvo models covering all of the South Yorkshire area.

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Need A Volvo MOT?

We can cater for your Volvo's every need. From repairs, service and air conditioning re gas to new replacement engines and gearboxes. Comprehensive pre M.O.T inspection, advice, M.O.T and any necessary repairs.

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Need Volvo Accessories?

Supply and fitting of all Volvo accessories including Volvo tow bars, Volvo roof racks and Volvo bluetooth phone units for all makes and models of Volvo car fitted at our Dronfield garage in Chesterfield near Sheffield.

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Volvo Service & Repair

Volvo Specialists

  • Comprehensive Volvo Diagnostics
  • Free Volvo Condition Reports
  • Volvo Specialist
  • Volvo Repairs
  • Volvo Servicing
  • Volvo Diagnostics
  • Car Servicing
  • Engine Diagnostics
  • Volvo Engine and Brake Repairs
  • Cam Belt Replacement
  • Volvo Exhausts
  • Volvo Air Conditioning
  • Volvo Engines
  • Volvo Gearboxes
  • Volvo Clutch Replacement
  • Air Conditioning Service And Repair
  • Volvo Batteries and Exhaust Replacements
  • Volvo Accessories
  • Courtesy Car Available
  • Sheffield And Chesterfield
  • Workshop Open Six Days A week

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Need Volvo Service Or Volvo Repairs In Sheffield Or Chesterfield?

If you normally go to the Volvo dealers in Sheffield or the Chesterfield Volvo dealers for your Volvo service and Volvo repairs why not try us? We are time served Volvo specialists covering Sheffield and Chesterfield South Yorkshire and charge a fraction of the Volvo main dealers. Call us on 01246-455863 or visit our contact page for more ways to get in touch.

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We stock many popular sizes of tyres including specialist tyres and winter tyres all ready for fitting for most cars and light commercial vehicles. We have a full tyre fitting service along with wheel balancing and laser wheel alignment. Based in Chesterfield at Sheepbridge we are experts for tyre services covering Chesterfield and Sheffield.

Volvo Experts

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